Ukrainian women in the war for Ukraine

We are a public organization Zemlyachka, a social project in support for women who defend our land in the war against Russian aggressors.

We talk about women at the front, supporting and popularizing them the culture of "military woman" in Ukraine and abroad.
We provide defenders with women's uniforms, gear and everything necessary.

Today in the Defense Forces of Ukraine:

Over 60 000
women in the Ukrainian army

About 10 000
of them on the front line


We buy gear and uniforms for women at the front

We provide women at the front with gear, uniforms and footwear as part of the the Try on Her Boots project


Who we are

We are Ksenia Drahaniuk and Andriy Kolesnyk.
On March 31, 2022 we created the charity project "Zemlyachki.Ukrainian Front" - a platform for support and provision of defenders at the front.

    The main directions of the project:
  • providing women soldiers with the necessary gear, uniforms (which we sew on our own), shoes, protection and "women's humanitarian kits, etc.
  • portrait interviews with defenders of Ukraine (coverage work, life and everyday life of women on the front lines)
  • projects for psychological support and rehabilitation of female defenders

Now we are an officially registered non-profit NGO "Zemlyachky", as well as a small team of 10 friends who are engaged in supporting and providing our female defenders. We are also all concerned Ukrainians and partners, companies and brands from all over the world. the world.

The effectiveness of communication work has been supported by COMMSX since the very the very beginning of the creation of the NGO "Zemlyachky" on a volunteer basis.

Video about us
Andriy Kolesnyk and Ksenia Drahaniuk

Co-founders of the NGO "Zemlyachki"

Hub "Zemlyachki"
Khrystyna Delin
Maryana Doroshchuk
Dmytro Kulakovskyi
Nina Manita
Aigul Ibodova
Katya and Oksana are volunteers
Lyuba is a volunteer
Andriy and Ksenia
Andriy and Ksenia

Heroines of Ukraine


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

25 y.o., Dnipro/Kyiv


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

23 y.o., Smila


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

19 y.o., Gramotne


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

26 y.o., м. Dnipro/Kyiv


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

23 y.o.


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

25 y.o.


Military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


They trust us

We tell the whole world about our NGO and women at the front, attracting international support. support with the help of our PR team COMMSX, we have already published more than 200 materials and interviews in international media with a total coverage of 15,000,000,000

We are steadfastly working for the victory of Ukraine, for which we received the Golden Heart award from from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for our significant contribution to Ukraine's victory


In August 2023, the NGO "Zemlyachki" sent support to size:

  • 8,500 boxes with a female humanitarian
  • 3000 pieces of armor plate, which is 9 tons of protection
  • 5,000 sets of women's uniforms (which we developed and sewed ourselves)
  • 260 helmets
  • 1200 pairs of shoes
  • 1000 plate carriers
  • 35,000 sports tops
  • More than a thousand fleeces, T-shirts, socks, buffs, gloves, thermal underwear, hundreds of backpacks paramedic, thermal imagers, drones, ventilators, cars and much more.

The total amount of support in monetary equivalent >200 million hryvnias

Our partners

Help Ukraine Center

Holy mamas

Швейна рота

Оборона Полтави


Biosphere corporation


bra bra bra


Нова пошта

Help ukraine center




Better me

Durnev shop

La Veranda

Збройні Сили України




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